Our History

Preserve Face & Body was created out of my passion for holistic health and wellness.  I believe that an individual has the greatest ability to achieve optimal performance from all body’s systems when they are each nourished and maintained uniformly.  At Preserve Face & Body, we help you reach this balance through our multi-faceted approach to homeostasis.

With the skin being the largest organ of the human body, it only makes sense to nurture and protect it so that it continues to do the same for our internal organs and systems throughout the body.  Getting regular facials and skincare treatments not only helps your skin look better but they also promote overall wellness through touch therapy and increased cellular turnover rate.

Maintaining a regular workout routine is important for improving and maintaining a healthy body and mind. Through my years of experience as an Ace Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach, I have learned the significant role diet and exercise play in the overall well-being of the body and I enjoy sharing this knowledge and expertise with my clients during their training or health coaching sessions.

I chose to open Preserve Face & Body in this beautiful, peaceful setting because I feel that nature is the most organic form of beauty, health and wellness.  We all feel better when we get away from the chaos of modern life and escape to the serene ambiance of a tranquil environment and we have created such a place for you here at Preserve Face & Body.